Who we are

We – the HGD Systems GmbH is a young and ambitious company, which wants to establish itself in the highly competitive market of automation (with and without the use of robotic systems).

We achieve this goal by having experts from various fields in our ranks. In addition, we are continually building and expanding partnerships and trying to meet market challenges with a great deal of experience, know-how and, last but not least, a great deal of commitment.

Where we operate

The company headquarters, workshops and showroom are located in Fürth in the beautiful Odenwald.


How we operate

Our actions are characterised by partnership relations with our customers and suppliers.

We are of the opinion that this is the only way to assert oneself well and successfully in the market.

High-quality products, know-how and experience – all this and much more are the basis for efficient and sustainable solutions.

Because we are aware that we can only be successful if you are successful.

Through constant further training, flexibility and last but not least “fun in new things”, we can guarantee that you can count on us also in the future.

Our prinicples

Advantage through solutions – your partner for automation solutions

We offer our customers a head start through first-class products: Lean, effective solutions with personal service for complex requirements – from people for people.

  • Trust and responsibility

Trust is the basis of our actions. We lead the company to jointly developed goals. By transferring responsibility, we promote initiative and the personal development of each individual.

  • No sooner said than done

We implement what we promise, both among ourselves and with our customers and partners.

  • Focus on the customer

Your wish in the first place! Your goods are our guests. Through commitment, skill and understanding of our customers’ needs, we implement optimal solutions to ensure that our customers survive in the markets of the future.

  • Equity

We behave fairly, decently and honestly, because that is how we would like to be treated ourselves.

  • Quality

Highest quality is our claim. We do not accept carelessness and indifference. We learn from our mistakes and use every chance to become better.

  • Progress

We want to be at the forefront of our industry through a willingness to learn and change – both individually and as a company.

  • Environment

We think and act in an environmentally conscious manner. This is our contribution to the conservation of nature and the environment.

  • Independence

We work for our common future as an independent family business.

  • We are a strong team!

It depends on each and every one of us and for this everyone gives its best. Trust and helpfulness make us successful as a team. Respect and tolerance characterize our togetherness.